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When you are in the Internet business, there is always a moment when someone talks to you about a technology that you hardly understand or don’t understand at all. That situation happened to me several years ago, when in a job interview my boss-to-be asked me if I knew about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I’d been working for several years in website designing before that interview but never heard about SEO before, but proud as I am, I tried to come up with an idea about what was it. When I finished, he told that I knew nothing about it, but because of my experience and eagerness to learn new things I was hired.

After I got the job, I started learning about SEO en Peru, link building, domain acquisition, landing page optimization and all the techniques that we need to know to start working in this field, but not only I had to learn about it but I had to put all that in practice. The interesting part was that the more I learned the more I messed up with all the sites I managed, you have to break it to see how it works, right? , till I reach the point where everything fall in place, and from that moment the sites start getting better rankings with better keywords in all the search engines.

Anyway, since that moment, all my friends who knew what I do, asked me how they can improve their sites or at least how they can start learning about it. That is why I am starting this blog, to help my friends and whoever wants to know about SEO. Although this is a field where you will have to keep reading, learning, researching and more about SEO, you will just need to know the basics to improve your site, at least to rank only with your domain name, and from that point, keep reading because it will only help you to understand how this Search Engine Optimization works.

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